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Daphne tells Julia and Professor Stokes about what she saw in the east wing of Collinwood.

Synopsis Edit

The great house at Collinwood in the year 1840, a time when no one in the Collins family was immune from the evil which held sway over the estate. On this dark and stormy night, despondent over Quentin's impending execution, Daphne Harridge wandered aimlessly into the abandoned east wing, and there discovered a strange and mystifying room in which she witnessed people she knew leading totally different lives. What she saw was an event occurring in a parallel band of time. Meanwhile in another part of the house, Gabriel Collins has strangled his wife Edith and placed the body somewhere in the same east wing that Daphne has just left.

Daphne tells Julia and Stokes about what she saw in parallel time. In parallel time Julia Collins warns Morgan that Collinwood is no place to live. Daphne finds Edith's body and suspects Gerard, she knocks him out. Later Daphne finds that Gabriel was responsible and he goes after her.

Memorable quotes Edit

Professor Stokes: The existence of two or more worlds in different time bands running concurrently. The people you saw in that room were in effect the same as those you know in this world... but because they made different choices in their lives, obviously their behavior was different although they look the same.

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • 1187kzs
    As Professor Stokes enters the east wing parlor, part of a camera with ABC stenciled on the top can be seen.
  • When Elliot, Julia, and Daphne open the doors to the parallel time room, the camera pans back, and you can see where the set ends, usually there is a wall there, but it is removed and you can see into the room Elliot, Julia, and Daphne are standing in.

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The Dark Shadows Daybook - Episode 1187

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