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Gerard tries to convince Daphne to marry him.

Synopsis Edit

Collinwood in 1840, a house filled with tensions. But though Quentin's defense in his trial for witchcraft has scored an important victory with the appearance of the long thought dead Joanna Mills, Joanna brings many new problems. For Samantha is convinced that she killed Joanna not seven months before, and Daphne suddenly finds herself in a strange triangle, knowing that Joanna loves Quentin. Meanwhile Daphne's fascination with Gerard keeps increasing against her will. This night, she has had a dream, a dream she cannot remember, but which makes her go to a mysterious room.

Act I

Daphne meets Gerard in the mysterious room and Gerard asks Daphne to marry him, but Daphne does not say yes despite her arguments. Samantha walks in as they are about to kiss. She is furious with Gerard and threatens to go to Quentin, Barnabas or the court. He slaps her and talks her out of her mood. After she leaves, he realizes that Samantha is a "problem that will have to solved".

Joanna visits Quentin at the jail and tells him about that she did not write the notes. She reminds him that he told her he would marry her, but Quentin reminds her that Samantha will not grant him a divorce. Quentin tell Joanna that he is now in love with Daphne and that Daphne loves him.

Daphne and Samantha have a confrontation in the drawing room. Samantha wants to know what Joanna told Daphne about her.

Act II

Daphne tells her that she showed Joanna one of the letters and Joanna had not written it. Daphne asks her about the "ghost" or Joanna. Samantha insists it wasn't her.

Samantha tells Gerard that Daphne suspects Daphne knows that she wrote the letters. Gerard tells her he will take care of it. Gerard casts another dream spell over Daphne. She dreams Quentin and Joanna are passionately in love with each other.


Daphne and Joanna discuss how Joanna is still in love with Quentin. Samantha arrives and asks Daphne to leave. She tries to remind Joanna that they have met before. She tells Joanna she is not welcome in the house anymore. Joann tells her they will meet again.

Daphne visits Quentin at the jail and tells Quentin that Joanna loves him very much and he would still feel the same way if she had never come to Collinwood, and that she no longer feels the same way toward Quentin. Daphne tells Quentin that she is going to marry Gerard.

Memorable quotes Edit

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

  • Quentin and Joanna broke up before he went to sea, but, according to Gerard, he would speak of her often aboard ship.
  • It was shortly after Joanna's birthday she learned Samantha wouldn't grant Quentin a divorce. After that they would argue.
  • DREAM SEQUENCE: Daphne dreams that Quentin and Joanna are back in love.
  • INTERNAL MONOLOGUE: Gerard: Making your mind up.
  • TIMELINE: Day 437 begins, and will end in 1187.

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • James Storm flubs as he tells Daphne that he fell in love with her the day Quentin introduced him to "your" governess.
  • It is stated to have been yesterday when Joanna first met Samantha at Collinwood since her return, as seen in 1181. However, it would appear to still be part of the same day.

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