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Cyrus destroys his lab equipment and burns his notes on the experiment in order to prevent Yeager's return.

Synopsis Edit


Dusk has fallen on the country around this Collinwood of Parallel Time. Where Barnabas Collins has found himself trapped, beyond the reach of those he has known and come to love. But in this concurrent band of time, there are people who have their counterparts in his own time. And on this night, one of them finds herself the victim of evil personified.

Maggie meets Yaeger on the docks in Collinsport. Yaeger tells her that Quentin is the murderer and then attempts to kidnap her.

Act I

Buffie shows up and threatens to call the police if Yaeger doesn't let her go. Yaeger eventually gives in and returns to the lab, where he vows to himself to win over Maggie, even if it means killing Quentin. There is then a knock on the door and Yaeger rushes to take the potion. After turning back into Cyrus, he answers the door and Maggie walks in. Maggie tells her of the encounter she had with Yaeger, but Cyrus tells her that he is no longer friends with him. She begs him to get Yaeger of out Collinsport as soon as possible and wonders what would have happened if Buffie hadn't shown up. Maggie gives him a hug and leaves.

Act II

Cyrus wrestles with the idea of turning back into Yaeger and becomes angry at the thought of harming Maggie. He goes beserk and begins destroying much of his lab equipment, and also lights his journal detailing his experiments on fire.

Maggie returns to Collinwood and finds Roger roaming around the drawing room. Roger tells her that Quentin is upset. Worried that it might be over something she has done, Roger teases her and tells her that she's flattering herself. He leaves and Angelique comes down the stairs. Maggie asks "Alexis" about the letters she received from Angelique. She wants to know if her sister ever told her of Quentin's moodiness. Angelique tells her that the letters were always full of how happy she and Quentin were together and all the things they did, which makes Maggie even more depressed. She confesses to Angelique that the one thing she could not stand is being shut out of Quentin's life. After Maggie leaves, Angelique voes to "let Maggie in on some more secrets."


Later in the evening, Angelique meets with Roger in the drawing room. Roger again mentions his fascination of her resemblance to her "sister." Maggie comes in and asks if anyone has seen Quentin. Roger says he probably wants to be alone because today is the wedding anniversary of Quentin and Angelique. This leaves Maggie on the verge of tears, and she decides to go to her room for the remainder of the evening.

That night, Angelique causes Maggie to dream of finding Quentin’s love letters in the East Wing. Maggie wakes up and goes to Angelique's room, where she finds the love letters where she dreamt they would be.

Memorable quotes Edit

Roger: (to Maggie) My cousin's moods are affected by something that touches him far more deeply than you. Oh, I say this not to be unkind, but I do have an affection for accuracy.

Maggie: You know I think I could bear almost anything in this world, but that one thing, to be left out of Quentin's life. And I am shut out. I really am.

Roger: (believing Angelique to be Alexis) I'll never get used to that resemblence you have to your sister. Especially when the lights are low.
Angelique: And the brandy plentiful... Well, I'm afraid it will take more than dim lights and a few glasses of brandy to bring Angelique back.

Cyrus: Destroy John Yaeger, I've got to destroy John Yaeger forever!

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Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • Kathryn Leigh Scott mistakenly refers to Angelique by her actual name, when Maggie is unaware of the switch to have taken place and still believes Angelique to be Alexis.
  • The broken glass is audibly cleared up during the next scene after Cyrus smashes the flasks and test tubes.

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